Thursday, January 27, 2011

Cure for HIV

Gerry Canavan

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To read case studies on a proven simple and natural HIV cure, which can be administered at home.


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  3. We all know that everyday that the H.I.V disease spread out widely, well I was once a H.I.V. patient including my wife and my two children, I knew that I was the one that gave them the disease, because I had an unprotected sex with a harlot. Then I contacted the disease I spread it to my family unknowingly, until I had a serious pains over me. I visited my family doctor. He carried out a test on me later on he told me that I am H.I.V. positive, I was heavy hearted, and my thought was that I am going to die soon, not knowing that my wife and two children are also H.I.V. positive, until my doctor carried out a test on them. One day I saw testimony on a net, how a spell caster called DR. okorundo helped someone in curing his H.I.V disease, quickly I emailed him on DR.OKORUNDO@HOTMAIL.COM and I told him my problems he quickly asked for my picture and my family pictures I gave it to him, he cast the spell within 45 minutes and told me to go for a check up with my family which I did, fortunately I am my family are now H.I.V. negative, well if you are looking for a way to cure your H.I.V. disease just email him on DR.OKORUNDO@HOTMAIL.COM or call him on,I owe him a lot.

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    1. very real i contacted this man at he cured my mum i never believed this too

  5. Am glad to share my testimony.
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  6. i am from Canada, i am here to give my testimony how i was cured from hiv, i contacted my hiv through sharp object. a friend of my use blade to peel of her finger nails and drop it where she use it, so after she has left i did know what came unto me i looked at my nails, my nails were very long and i took the blade which she just used on her own nails to cut of my finger nails, as i was maintaining my names, i mistakenly injured myself. i did even bothered about it, so when i got to the hospital the next week when i was ill the doctor told me that i am hiv positive, i wondered where did i got it from so i remembered how i use my friend blade to cut off my hand so i feel so sad in my heart to the extent that i don’t even know what to do, so one day i was suffering the internet i met a testimony of a lady that all talk about how she was cured by a doctor called DROKOJE so i quickly emailed the doctor email, and he also replied to me an told me the requirements which i will provide and I do according to his command, he called me the next day that i should go for a test which i did to my own surprise i found that i was hiv negative. Thanks to him once more the great doctor that cured me DROKOJE so you can also emailed him at DROKOJE@GMAIL.COM OR +2348069652500